Overview of financial figures

Development of selected Financial Performance Indicators

Betting and gaming volume488,120515,179470,141in kEUR
Gross betting and gaming revenue54,62359,34753,532in kEUR
Net betting and gaming revenue44,92947,56442,036in kEUR
Marketing Expenses8,84211,86713,628in kEUR
Other Operating Expenses6,8917,12416,242in kEUR
EBITDA13,18013,9702,105in kEUR
EBIT11,15811,673-105in kEUR
Financial Result-126-241-585in kEUR
EBT11,03211,432-690in kEUR
Earnings from continuing operations9,01710,700551in kEUR
Group Equity Ratio53.522.546.2 %in %
Registered Users5.45.55.6in Million
Number of Employees284260109