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The share capital of AG is 7,018,000 euros, divided into 7,018,000 no-par value bearer shares, each with a proportionate amount of the share capital of 1.00 euro per share.

Since 11 August 2016, AG shares are traded in the regulated market on the Frankfurt stock exchange (Prime Standard). Before this, the securities were listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange's open market. AG Investor Relations

Stock exchange Last Date, Time Volume Open Daily high Daily low
Xetra 26.92 03/30/2020 05:38 PM 27,017.00 27.40 27.40 24.50
Frankfurt 27.10 03/30/2020 05:39 PM 615.00 27.80 27.80 25.00
Quotes Xetra
ISIN: DE000A0DNAY5 Bid: n.a.
Symbol: ACX Ask: n.a.
Exchange: Xetra Diff: 0.16
Type: Aktie/Stock Diff %: 0.60%
Currency: EUR Close: 26.76
Date/Time: 03/30/2020 05:38 PM 52 W Max.: 73.60
Last: 26.92 52 W Min.: 18.28
Quotes Frankfurt
ISIN: DE000A0DNAY5 Bid: n.a.
Symbol: ACX Ask: n.a.
Exchange: Frankfurt Diff: -0.60
Type: Aktie/Stock Diff %: -2.17%
Currency: EUR Close: 27.70
Date/Time: 03/30/2020 05:39 PM 52 W Max.: 74.50
Last: 27.10 52 W Min.: 18.00

Summary of the Key Indicators of the Share

Nominal capital: 7,018,000 EUR ISIN: DE000A0DNAY5
Number of shares: 7,018,000 WKN: A0DNAY
Stock Exchange: Frankfurt Ticker Symbol: ACX
Market segment: Prime Standard Reuters: ARTG.DE
Market Cap (03/31/2020): EUR 190.19 million. Bloomberg: ACX GR

All information will be made available with a time lag of 15 minutes or more in accordance with the regulations of the respective exchange. Technology and data from

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