Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Dear shareholders,

Corporate Governance provides a framework of rules and set of mechanisms by which companies are managed and supervised.

The AG (hereinafter also referred to as "company") is limited by shares under the laws of Germany. Since summer of 2016, the company's shares are traded in the Prime Standard, which is a segment of the Regulated Market, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Since then the company is considered as a publicly traded company within the legal sense and pursuant to Section 289a of the German Commercial Code [HGB] and therefore obligated to make a Corporate Governance Declaration. The German Corporate Governance Kodex (hereinafter referred to as the "Code") recommends that the Management Board and Supervisory Board should report about corporate governance every year ("Corporate Governance Report") and publish this report together with a Corporate Governance Declaration. This declaration must be included in the Summarised Management Report under a separate section. It can be made publicly accessible on the company's website as well. In this case a reference to the website should be included in the Summarised Management Report.

Below you can download the Corporate Governance Report and the voluntary declaration of conformity of the company. The current version of the code and the previous versions are available at

Statement on Corporate Governance and Corporate Governance Report 2019
Corporate Governance report 2015
Corporate Governance report 2016
Statement on Corporate Governance and Corporate Governance Report 2018
Corporate Governance report 2017
Declaration of conformity 2018
Declaration of conformity 2019 (march)
Declaration of conformity 2017
Voluntary declaration of conformity 2016
Voluntary declaration of conformity 2016 - mid-year amendment
Voluntary declaration of conformity 2015
Declaration of conformity 2019 (december)
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